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It's Here! It's Here! A Brand New Year!

Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe that a brand new school year is about to begin. I have had a relaxing summer and feel great! I attended several professional development opportunities and cannot wait to apply what I have learned with this year's students. Over the summer, I had two projects funded on that included supplies for students and new science equipment. Yay! We will be putting it to good use very soon.

I feel privileged to teach 8th grade this year. There are so many different science disciplines that we cover this year. It's sort of like a survey of all different kinds of sciences. We learn about space, physics, chemistry, earth, and life sciences. I was fortunate to move into a much larger classroom this year and I hope my students will enjoy learning in a new environment.

Let's get ready to have some fun learning and getting to know each other!

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