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Engaging the Kosmos Through the Perot

This week I began a new journey as a participant in the Kosmos STEM Teacher Institute facilitated by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and sponsored by Kosmos Energy. Because our focus for the summer institute is Chemistry, we began by engaging with some of Earth's most common elements, the former remnants of distant stars from the beginning of our universe. We explored atoms and molecules in four introductory labs. We discussed the development of atomic theory throughout history from ancient natural philosophers to recent developments and currently accepted norms. We learned new ways to present content to students with technology and community involvement. We explored how field trips enhance not only our student's understanding of the exhibits in the museum, but also increases a student's abililty to think critically about their world. I look forward to sharing my experiences this year as over forty other teachers and I collaborate to develop our best resource for encouraging the next engineers, doctors, geologists, inventors, and dreamers of the future...our students.

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